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We are an independent creative services provider specialized in boosting growth and building a solid digital presence for local businesses in Metro Vancouver.

We believe in working based on feasibility, performance and beauty. We believe in made-to-measure design for a mobile, multi-platform world. We believe in assessing the real needs of each business, no unnecessary extras, no strings attached. We believe in getting things done the smarter way as possible, without skipping steps.





Lygia Valezi is a Graphic Designer and Digital Strategist with an excellent track record for helping businesses successfully showcase their brands and products to engage and grow their target audiences. With a keen sense for developing visual identity, she’s grown the communities of a wide variety of brands online - from insurance companies to children’s clothing brands. Originally from Brazil, Lygia has worked for key players in the Brazilian fashion industry before moving to Canada in 2016 to seek new challenges. In Vancouver, she has managed projects related to Social Media, Web Design, Branding and Digital Advertising, gaining extensive hands-on experience in the local market.

Lygia holds a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design, a post-graduate degree in Sales and Marketing, and a diploma in Merchandising. She also has numerous digital platform certifications, including Google Adwords.

Lygia is a big fan of trying everything at least once, from Krav Maga classes to European-swordplay lessons to scuba diving in the Sunshine Coast.

Design is where beauty and performance break even.
— Lygia Valezi, Roses are Pink Founder
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